Motorcycle Parts That Must Be Checked When Doing Service

Motorcycle is a very important requirement in supporting daily activities and routines. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance so that motorbikes do not crank or strike, which can result in your activities being disrupted. But you have to know which parts of the motorbike should be considered when going to do routine service.

Motorcycle Parts That Must Be Checked When Doing Service

Some components that must be considered when performing services include:

  • Oil

Oil functions as an engine lubricant, so it will be very vital for your motorcycle. If the oil is left dry or too runny, the engine performance will not be optimal. Even if the oil is dry, aka it is empty, but it still forces the motor to be used, it will cause damage to some parts of the motorbike, and it will cost a lot of money if that happens. Therefore, when you do routine service, the oil must be replaced. And oil change is done at least once every 2 months (on vehicles that are used every day).

  • Carburetor

Carburetors must also be cared for regularly, because the prime carburetor will make your motorcycle can also be used optimally. The carburetor functions as a fuel transmission to the motor engine. Clean the dirt that sticks and enters the carburetor so that the fuel transmission is not disturbed.

  • Chain

The chain functions to connect the motorbike engine with the wheels so that the motorcycle can move. Lubricate the motor with oil to keep it from drying out and the chain can be durable.

  • Spark plug

Spark plugs are the originator of the fire to the fuel, so the device is very vital for the motorbike (without the spark plug the motor will not turn on). Spark plugs are a part of the motor that must be serviced and cared for regularly.

  • Brake

Brakes are a very vital tool then, because the brakes function to control the speed of your motorcycle. Without excellent brakes, it can harm you.

  • Light

Check the main lights, turn signal, rear lights, whether it is still functioning properly or not. Lights are also very important for your vehicle, because in addition to comfort and safety.

  • Tire

Check your tires, whether they are still suitable for use or not. If you have to change a tire, you should use a tire that is still completely new and does not tire or retread.

That’s how to take care of a good and correct motorbike, so that your motorbike’s performance can function normally. Hopefully useful for you.

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Things to Look For When You Want to Buy an Android Cellphone Second (Used)

Do you intend to buy a good and classy Android phone but have minimal funds? And to buy a new android fund is not enough, then try to buy a used android.

Things to Look For When You Want to Buy an Android Cellphone Second

However, keep in mind that buying an used android must be careful because you do not know what happened before (it may have fallen, been hit by water, or had been damaged, etc.). For that you have to be really careful before buying it.

Some things that must be considered in buying second android phones include:

  • External conditions

Before you check deeper, make sure beforehand what the external conditions of the cellphone are. Is it still good or not, because usually the HP outside conditions will show whether the cellphone is well maintained or not.

  • Check Seal

This is a safe way to buy a second second or second cell phone, which is a seal check. Pay attention to the inside of the cellphone whether or not there is a used baud opened or not, or if there is a logo of a service center or not. If the seal has been opened, then you should not buy the cellphone because it could have been badly damaged.

  • Check IMEI

Buy a cell that has the complete dosbook, then whether the IMEI number is the same as the one on the cellphone. This aims to ensure that the HP is genuine. You do this by pressing * # 06 #, there the IMEI number will appear, then match the one listed on the dosbook.

  • Check Features on Android

The next step in trying to buy a good used cellphone is to make sure the features in it are still functioning properly. Try calling, whether the sound (speaker) is still normal or not, then make sure the touchscreen is sensitive and normal. The next step is to press * # * # 2664 # * # * to check the touch screen is still good or not.

  • Check Batrei Condition

Check whether the battery condition is still good or has swollen, and try using HP for games or playing music, then see what percentage of battery is still at the beginning and after you play the game and play music. Quality Android has durable battery power.

  • Try creating an internet

Try browsing the internet, whether it’s loading fast or lola. It’s a good idea to buy a still fast loading so you don’t regret it finally.

  • Check Warranty

It would be better if you buy an Android phone that is still a factory warranty, so that when there is damage or something that is not wanted then you can complain directly to the factory.

  • Check Market Prices

Before you decide to bid or pay, you should first check the market price of the Android cellphone that you want to buy. Don’t let you buy overpriced.

That’s the tips for choosing a good Android phone, so you don’t feel cheated because there are things you don’t want later. May be useful.

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The Causes Motorcycle (Choked Up) And the Solution

Having a motorbike in top condition will make the motorcycle’s performance optimal. However, sometimes because of our negligence when not paying attention to maintenance on a regular basis it will lead to easy motorbike cranky.

The Causes Motorcycle Choked Up And the Solution

One of the things that most motorists complain about is brebet motorbikes when in gas. That might be caused by many things, including:

  • Spark plug

Spark plugs function as fire sticks to fuel, so if the spark plugs do not function properly it will cause optimal ignition so that it will result in a brebet motorbike (halting when driving). Clean the spark plug using a dry cloth, then after cleaning, install it again, then turn on the machine. Pull the gas from the lowest to the highest, if it’s still brebet then replace the new spark plug. The case of a brebet motor due to spark plugs does not function most often during the rainy season.

  • Dirty Fuel

Sometimes when buying fuel, there are a handful of sellers who play dirty (mixing fuel with other ingredients to get more profit). Well, it would be better to buy fuel directly to a gas station that is guaranteed authenticity. The brebet motor solution due to fuel is overcome by draining all the contents of the gas tank until it’s clean. That is the reason for the second brebet motorcycle.

  • Carburetor

The carburetor must be cleaned at least every 2 months for optimal performance. When your motorcycle is brebet and stagnates when driving then check the carburetor, most likely because the carbrator is dirty so the flow of fuel to the engine is not smooth. Unload the carburetor and clean it thoroughly, then plug it in again.

Those are some of the causes of brebet motorbikes and running choked when driving, you can do it yourself at home. But if you are not sure, you should take a motorcycle to a workshop that you trust. Hopefully useful for you, good luck !!!

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Causes of Motorcycle Brakes (Screeching), along with the Solution

When riding a motorcycle it will feel disturbed when the brakes are used out the squeaking sound, and most cases like this occur during the rainy season. The brakes on the motor play a very vital role to control the speed of the vehicle to stay awake, and therefore need special attention and care so that the brakes are always in maximum condition.

Causes of Motorcycle Brakes Screeching along with the Solution

The brakes squeak due to several factors, and each of these causes requires a different treatment. The following are the factors that affect the brake sound (squeal) and the solution:

  • Gross Brake Lining

The first reason for the sound on the brake is because of the dirty brake lining. Dirt (dust and water) can get into the gap so that it can cause the brakes to squeak when used.

Solution: dismantle the brakes, then clean the canvas using sandpaper. Rub slowly and not too hard so that the canvas is not thinning. After that spray using a compressor to remove the remaining dirt due to rubbing earlier.

  • Brake Lining Is Thin

When the brake lining is thin, it will cause a squeaky sound. This is because you pay little attention to safety by not checking the shoes that have not been replaced.

Solution: the only way is to replace brake pads with new ones.

  • Broken Disc Dish

For brakes that use a disc system, when the disk is deformed (bent or shaky) then when the brake is activated it will make a squeaky sound. Defective disks can be caused by late replacement of the canvas so that the lining of the iron portion will result in friction with the dish (so that it can damage the dish).

Solution: bring the dish to a special workshop for pressing. But if the plate thickness is very thin, then you should replace it with the new one.

  • Slip Brake Shoes

Pressing the brake lever continuously can result in slip brake lining. Brake lining will be hard and less comfortable when used, so it will cause noise.

Solution: make a change of brake pads with a new one.

That is some reason why the motorcycle brakes sound (squeal) when used. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. The last one from me, prioritize safety when driving !!!

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