How to Maintain the Integrity of Households, in order to Last

When married, each couple say each other’s sacred promises so that marriage can last until death that separates. But in reality, not all goes as expected. Disputes that led to recent divorce often occur. Therefore, the determination of both parties is needed to maintain the integrity of the household.

How to Maintain the Integrity of Households, in order to Last

It’s not easy to keep the household in harmony, because there are often divisions and misunderstandings between the two parties. That is what can crack the household if the solution is not immediately sought together. Then what and how to maintain the integrity of the household to keep it running harmoniously? below are some of the ways you can do:

  • Giving and receiving

A marriage is a process of giving and receiving, and there is no one who feels more important. By giving and receiving, the differences can be used as reinforcement in the household. Every role between the two parties is equally important, so don’t assume that you are more important than your partner.

  • Selfish Discard

The next way to maintain the integrity of your household is to throw away your selfish nature. Selfish is a trait that will destroy your household. The interests of the household and the common interest must be above all, therefore you must suppress your desire for the creation of household harmony. See also

  • Communication

Communicate with your partner every time there are problems, sit together to talk from heart to heart so that the problem is not getting tighter. Look for a joint solution, and the most important solution is to get a mutual agreement.

  • Don’t Instantly Trust Gossip

The name gossip is news that is not necessarily true and in accordance with what happened. Therefore, do not immediately believe gossip about your partner if it has not been proven. This is one way to maintain harmony in the household.

  • Get Closer With Religion

Religion is the foundation in all areas of life, so one way for a lasting household is to get closer to the One. With religion, all forms of disobedience will be minimized.

Maintaining the integrity of the household so that it lasts is the initial goal of the marriage, then do not let the problems that occur hinder your holy purpose with your partner. That is a tip to keep the household in perpetuity, hopefully it will benefit you.

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