Motorcycle Parts That Must Be Checked When Doing Service

Motorcycle is a very important requirement in supporting daily activities and routines. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance so that motorbikes do not crank or strike, which can result in your activities being disrupted. But you have to know which parts of the motorbike should be considered when going to do routine service.

Motorcycle Parts That Must Be Checked When Doing Service

Some components that must be considered when performing services include:

  • Oil

Oil functions as an engine lubricant, so it will be very vital for your motorcycle. If the oil is left dry or too runny, the engine performance will not be optimal. Even if the oil is dry, aka it is empty, but it still forces the motor to be used, it will cause damage to some parts of the motorbike, and it will cost a lot of money if that happens. Therefore, when you do routine service, the oil must be replaced. And oil change is done at least once every 2 months (on vehicles that are used every day).

  • Carburetor

Carburetors must also be cared for regularly, because the prime carburetor will make your motorcycle can also be used optimally. The carburetor functions as a fuel transmission to the motor engine. Clean the dirt that sticks and enters the carburetor so that the fuel transmission is not disturbed.

  • Chain

The chain functions to connect the motorbike engine with the wheels so that the motorcycle can move. Lubricate the motor with oil to keep it from drying out and the chain can be durable.

  • Spark plug

Spark plugs are the originator of the fire to the fuel, so the device is very vital for the motorbike (without the spark plug the motor will not turn on). Spark plugs are a part of the motor that must be serviced and cared for regularly.

  • Brake

Brakes are a very vital tool then, because the brakes function to control the speed of your motorcycle. Without excellent brakes, it can harm you.

  • Light

Check the main lights, turn signal, rear lights, whether it is still functioning properly or not. Lights are also very important for your vehicle, because in addition to comfort and safety.

  • Tire

Check your tires, whether they are still suitable for use or not. If you have to change a tire, you should use a tire that is still completely new and does not tire or retread.

That’s how to take care of a good and correct motorbike, so that your motorbike’s performance can function normally. Hopefully useful for you.

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