Causes of Motorcycle Brakes (Screeching), along with the Solution

When riding a motorcycle it will feel disturbed when the brakes are used out the squeaking sound, and most cases like this occur during the rainy season. The brakes on the motor play a very vital role to control the speed of the vehicle to stay awake, and therefore need special attention and care so that the brakes are always in maximum condition.

Causes of Motorcycle Brakes Screeching along with the Solution

The brakes squeak due to several factors, and each of these causes requires a different treatment. The following are the factors that affect the brake sound (squeal) and the solution:

  • Gross Brake Lining

The first reason for the sound on the brake is because of the dirty brake lining. Dirt (dust and water) can get into the gap so that it can cause the brakes to squeak when used.

Solution: dismantle the brakes, then clean the canvas using sandpaper. Rub slowly and not too hard so that the canvas is not thinning. After that spray using a compressor to remove the remaining dirt due to rubbing earlier.

  • Brake Lining Is Thin

When the brake lining is thin, it will cause a squeaky sound. This is because you pay little attention to safety by not checking the shoes that have not been replaced.

Solution: the only way is to replace brake pads with new ones.

  • Broken Disc Dish

For brakes that use a disc system, when the disk is deformed (bent or shaky) then when the brake is activated it will make a squeaky sound. Defective disks can be caused by late replacement of the canvas so that the lining of the iron portion will result in friction with the dish (so that it can damage the dish).

Solution: bring the dish to a special workshop for pressing. But if the plate thickness is very thin, then you should replace it with the new one.

  • Slip Brake Shoes

Pressing the brake lever continuously can result in slip brake lining. Brake lining will be hard and less comfortable when used, so it will cause noise.

Solution: make a change of brake pads with a new one.

That is some reason why the motorcycle brakes sound (squeal) when used. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. The last one from me, prioritize safety when driving !!!

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